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I grew up in and around Rochester, NY - a former center of innovation and still a center for breakthrough research and technology. Growing up in a city that was home to Kodak, Xerox, and so much more helped cultivate a spirit of creativity within me. I learned at a young age that I loved to draw and that drawing was a skill that I could utilize throughout my life. I had a deep passion for cars, and anything technological or mechanical. I started working on cars around age 15, when I bought my first 1980's Camaro (I've had a few). From this car, I learned how to research problems and also gained a better understanding of physics, math, and how things were built in general.

All the while, I was sketching cars. I knew I wanted to be involved with them in some way, shape, or form. I was constantly making and building, buying and selling, and staying restless. I heard about the industrial design program at a school I had been considering anyways, and fell in love with the idea of being able to create awesome things for people, and learning skills that could be applicable to so many different industries. 

In school I learned that the automotive design industry is extremely competitive and very narrow. Studying industrial design nowadays doesn't necessarily mean you can slip right into the auto design world. I learned more about sketching cars and products, and started to hone my CAD, rendering, prototyping, and presentation skills. 

I now work at a small design firm in Rochester, BZDesign. We are young firm that aims to help young companies develop their product and brands. Though I'm not always designing cars, my automotive viewpoint provides a different look from the standard industrial designer. I haven't given up on my dream of becoming a car designer - I still sketch cars almost every day and it's still my dream to end up in that space!


To sum it up:

I am an industrial designer passionate about the automotive industry. I love design, and aim to use my creative abilities to help others and improve the world around me. Whether it comes to graphics, sketches, or CAD, I have the abilities to bring a product from a "napkin sketch" to realization. Please enjoy my portfolio, and contact me if you are interested in working together!


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